The scoreboard will be updated during the next tournament REEBOK IGMA LEAGUE in first week of september.
The captain of the IGMA ship is Mr. rajeev mahajan, a veteran of Delhi cricket. Mr. Mahajan has represented Delhi at the under 22 level and also at the senior level. Having been associated with the game of cricket at the professional level for the past 10 years, it is his ken to take the game to new heights simultaneously expanding its accessability to as many enthusiasts as possible. Mr. Mahajan has also played club cricket in the UK and is inspired by the conception of getting corporate and other niche groups under the larger umbrella of sports in general & as he puts it cricket in particular.

General Manager : KHUSHBOO SETH
Khushboo Seth is the halcyon, dynamic & cheerful General Manager at IGMA. Under her tutelage, the entire organisation has been galvanised on a profoundly progressive path towards perfection. With a charismatic personality that jells the team, she has an uncanny nack of total quality management. Ms. Khushboo in her capacity as the General Manager of the IGMA Sports Management has pledged to dedicate herself entirely to this cause and is always seeking new vistas of creativity which can help make the entire experience more defining and comprehensive. With her solicitude, IGMA visualises to provide a bouquet of sports alternatives available to add to our eclectic offerings, without making any compromises on the core values.

Basket Ball Manager : AKANKSHA SINGH
Ms. Akanksha Singh is an international level Basketball player having represented the tricolour on many an occasion. Ms. Akanksha is a passionate individual who has relentlessly been trying to promote Basketball in India. Her revered stature in the sport coupled with this platform promises for a very exciting combination. Ms. Akanksha will be the divisional incharge for the Basketball branch at IGMA and has contended to host a series of tournaments featuring a friendly environment and meticulous care up to the finest detail. It goes without saying that the ultimate aim is to play & forget about the worldly constraints at least for that duration of time.

The shepherd who has mentored many prominent cricketers, Mr. Sanjay Bharadvaj is also associated with IGMA Sports Management. Mr. Bharadvaj is a highly respected coach, very well recognised in the Delhi cricketing circles. Names like Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma, Amit Mishra, Yogesh Nagar, Gaurav Chhabra have all grown up to occupy their current stature under his guardianship. Mr. Bharadvaj will be available through our website to answer to the queries & concerns of budding cricketers. He would also be available at select matches during our tournaments to render prescious advise to the participants to help them excel and exceed.

Public Relations Manager : GAGANDEEP SINGH
As is palpable from the quality of the content on this page in particular & the website in general, the most important task of formulating, communicating & disseminating all the information is under the aeges of Mr. Gagandeep Singh. Having said this, since the task of limning this write up is also his discretion, it is but natural that his task has been described as the most challenging; pun intended. Having completed his graduation from St. Stephens’ College & subsequently his Masters from the presctigious Delhi School of Economics, Mr. Singh has a keen interest in writing. The solitary savaant in the IGMA family or so we would want to believe, Mr. Singh is an integral part of the team. He is always open to ideas as long as he is not asked to implement them and therefore we welcome any suggestions, feed back or even proposals for the eligible bachelor.
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Jasprit Bumrah climbs up to 4th in ODI rankings; MS Dhoni back in top 10
9/4/2017 1:48:07 AM

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